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CANALPY has also undertaken campaigns involving school students, to sensitise them towards the concepts of canal pollution, total sanitation as well as the overall CANALPY protocol is part of a lar

The project idea is to build a water quality monitoring program by updating existing GIS layers for new information,Establish sampling spots, Sampling and Sample Analysis Plan, Mapping of water qua

The project aims to assess the feasibility of monitoring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - targets and indicators at different administrative divisions of Maharashtra State (village, subdistri

To address development /societal problems which are so diverse and complex, there is a need to build a mechanism to bring identify problems, classify them and develop problem statements that can be

Across the world, health and disaster managers face the challenge of responding to natural hazards such as cyclones, floods, droughts, and heatwaves while fighting COVID-19.

The idea here is to build a larger teaching and experiential program for students on understanding the cotton value chain in the handmade process paradigm.

HKS is a arrangement to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized initiatives in Alappuzha. It envisaged as a‘green enterprise' to accommodate about 100 individuals.

CANALPY has developed an integrated sanitation plan for theMunicipal colony that lacked access to improved Sanitation and were invisible to the ULB till 2017.

Bamboo-Polyhouse is an alternative to the GI polyhouse, which facilitates cultivation of nutritious vegetables year-round.