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Transforming lives through Technology
To build transformational delivery targeted at providing solutions for the country’s development.
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About Us

PRAYOG is a new initiative of IIT Bombay launched in June
2021, that brings solution seekers and solution providers
together to address development challenges. Our aim is to
contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) for India.

Thematic Area

We work on vast thematic areas including - Education, Health,
SDGs, Skill development, Woman empowerment and many more.


Designing a model WATSAN system for a large village and developing a design tool for wider application

The project is about identifying the challenges faced by small towns and large villages in delivering efficient services such as water supply, sanitation, stormwater and solid waste management.

Floating Fish Cages for Inland Aquaculture – RuTAG Project

Cage fishing is the process of controlled and protective rearing of fries to fingerlings within a 'cage' (a net that allows water flow) floating in a water body

Financial of Agrarian Families to Identify the Crisis in Agrarian Society Analysis

Farm household financial analysis for the farmers is helpful to understand the agrarian crisis in the region.

The Impact

PRAYOG works with government agencies, nonprofits, corporates & academic institutions and supports them in finding solutions to various development issues.


We envision a multifold impact that will go beyond a product- based solution into the process, entrepreneurial & policy domains as well. PRAYOG will enhance applied research at IIT Bombay and find solutions to societal issues in a structured way.